Academic Reference Standards
1. National Academic Reference Standards
1.1. General Attributes of the Graduates of Basic Sciences
The graduates must be able to:
1.1.1. Recognize the role of Basic Sciences in the development of society.
1.1.2. Develop scientific approaches that meet community needs considering
economic, environmental, social, ethical, and safety requirements.
1.1.3. Utilize scientific facts and theories to analyze and interpret practical
1.1.4. Collect, analyze, and present data using appropriate formats and techniques.
1.1.5. Postulate concepts and choose appropriate solutions to solve problems
on scientific basis.
1.1.6. Apply effectively information technology relevant to the field.
1.1.7. Participate effectively in a multidisciplinary teamwork and be flexible
for adaptation, decision making and working under contradictory conditions
as well as exhibiting the sense of beauty and neatness.
1.1.8. Adopt self and long life-learning and participate effectively in research
1.1.9. Deal with scientific data in Arabic, English or other languages.
1.2. Knowledge and Understanding
Graduates must acquire knowledge and understanding of:
1.2.1. The related basic scientific facts, concepts, principles and techniques.
1.2.2. The relevant theories and their applications.
1.2.3. The processes and mechanisms supporting the structure and function of
the specific topics.
1.3. The related terminology, nomenclature and classifica