1. Program Aims
The special physics program is an academic program produced by Physics Department. It
aims to introduce knowledge, experience and practices in Physics ,thus:
The overall aims are to provide the graduate with the following
a) The role of Physics and Basic Science in the development of society
b) Physical facts and theories to analyze and interpret practical data
c) Fundamental ideas about the physical behavior of matter and energy to system’s
structure and function.
d) Scientific information and applications in the most of physical branches specially
in applied physics area, such as radiation physics, Crystal structure, Nano materials.
Semicounductors and optical electronics
e) Classification and identification the materials or physical phenomena according
physics guidelines and Collection, analyses, and presentation of data using appropriate
formats and techniques.
f) Graduates are expected to become investigators in industrial or research institutions,
scientific reporters, technical consultants, employed in information
technology companies, educational institutions and health care organizations