On successful completion of the program, the graduate will be able to:
a.1 Acquire a basic knowledge of fundamental concepts mathematics, physics, biology and other
collateral subjects in order to understand principle and theories of entomology.
a.2 Demonstrate insect classification, insect morphology, anatomy, physiology, histopathology,
economic importance of insects and insect management.
a.3 Define the structure and functions of chemical molecules and formulations in controlling the
harmful insects
a.4 Tell of the basic knowledge in insects classification and distribution and use of the integrated
management programs.
a.5 Aware of the research techniques, including information retrieval, experimental design and
statistics , modeling, sampling, taxonomic keys, bioassays, molecular biology, pesticide
application, laboratory and field safety.
a.6 Discover the insect metamorphosis including the wide range dispersal of hexapoda class,
expression and regulation of genes.
a.7 Acquire the ethical and legal issues as well as the basis of quality in the field of entomology
and chemistry