The overall aims of the program are to provide the graduate with the following:
a. Demonstration wide background knowledge related to the different branches of entomology
and chemistry.
b. Producing equipped students with skills that are both of value to future employment as
entomologists and transferable to other avenues of employment
c. Conceptualizing the economic importance of insects.
d. Instruct our students in ways of approaching, analyzing and solving some environmental
e. Preparing graduates to be able to undertake a professional research-related career in fields of
entomology and chemistry with minimum of further format training
f. Design and conduct experimental work, critically evaluate the outcomes, review and report on
g. Application concepts and theories of chemistry to interpret life’s basic processes from cell to
h. Recognizing the relationship and interactions among chemistry, entomology and the
i. Planning, conduct and evaluate experiment and research and interpret scientific data
j. Employing theories and concepts in mathematics and statistics to understand the underlying
mechanisms in essential chemical and biological processes of insects.
k. Conforming of safety regulations and good practices in the laboratory and the field.
l. Working effectively in a team and posses the management and communication skills.
m. Exploration it skills and data processing and database management for life long learning and
research in entomology and chemistry sciences.