Conferences Monday , 21 October , 1996

Synthesis and Reactions of 4-Benzylidene-1-Hydroxy-2- (N-phthalimidomethyl)-5-Imidazolone 

Faculty Of Science, Chemistry Department, Benha University, Bertha, Egypt
4-Benzylidene-I- hydroxy-2- (N-phthalimidomethyl) -5- imidazolone (1) is now newly synthesised The interactions of (1) with aromatic amines, hydrazines and aromatic substrates in the presence of anhydrous Al C13 were studied to know the effect of introducing a hydroxyl group in position
I on the mode of the reaction of imidazolone toward base and lewis acid
catalysed reactions.  

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Conferences Tuesday , 22 October , 1996

 Dimethylsulphoxide and Glycols as Aromatics Extraction Solvents.

The present study is undertaken to evaluate the applicability of dimethylsulphoxide (DMSO) for the separation (extraction) of monocyclic aromatics(MCA)as well as dicyclic aromatics (DCA) from their mixtures with the corresponding saturates. The efficiency- of DMSO has been compared with that of triethyleneglycol (TSG) and tetraethyleneglycol (Tatra EG).

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Conferences Wednesday  , 23 October , 1996


DETECTION OF FMD VIRUS USING A DOT IMMUNOBLOT AND RT- PCR FROM FIELD SAMPLESInfluence of CaO/Si02-Ratio and Storage Conditions of CaO on Silica - Lime - Water System under Hydrothermal Treatment.

There are many factors influencing the hydrothermal reaction between silica and lime. consequently the properties of the autoclaved building materials In this part the effect of CaO/Si02 from 0 08 - 1 6 by weight and the storage conditions of Ca0 in open atmosphere from 1 - 28 days were investigated The results of C/S-ratio confirmed that the optimum ratio depends on the surface area of the used Si02.
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