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The university‘s council decides to pay 500 l.E for the employees of Benha University on the occasion of the beginning…
Sunday, 30 September 2018 11:23

A unified Uniform for faculty’s workers

Prof.Dr. Ashraf Farouk, the dean of the faculty of science issues a decree to let the faculty’s worker wear a…
The committee, formed by prof.Dr. Hussien EL-Magraby, the acting president of Benha University, starts make the students undergo virus-C checkups.…
The council of the education and students affairs decides under the presidency of prof.Dr. Hussien EL-Magraby, the acting president of…
The training course of the technical education has been finished today. This event is held in Benha University in cooperation…
Prof.Dr. Hussien EL-Magraby, the university president is keen on participating in the reception of the Benha University students and the…