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Under the auspices of prof.Dr. EL-Sayed EL-Kady, the university president and at the presence of prof.Dr. Gamal Ismail, the vice president of community service and environment development, prof.Dr. Ghazi Assasa, the university president chancellor of information technology, Benha University organizes the course of enhancing the abilities of the universities students in the fields of technological innovation and entrepreneurship. This course will be held in cooperation with the technological innovation center at the ministry of communication and information technology for one week.

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Saturday, 19 November 2016 11:53

Important Announcement about ITI Scholarship

     Exam of Information Technology Institute Scholarship will be held at Faculty of Computer and Informatics on Tuesday, 26\12\2016 at 12:00pm at the following parts;

 1-    Secured development .net

2-    Responsive web development

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